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BPC BIOSED is proud to announce the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company. The staff wish to thank all Customers, Distributors and Partners who in these years have trusted in the quality of our brand, allowing a steady growth and a leading position of the company in the medical market

   Enology Division

BPC Biosed SrL Enology Division.

The “WINE DIVISION” is the last born between BPC’s activities. Our mission is to supply the Enologic Labs with a precise, fast and reliable analyzer to perform the enzymatic tests on Wine and beverage samples. The kits, many of them in liquid, stable form, are supplied in a convenient and suitable packaging, to satisfy both small and larger analytical Labs. The reagents were been compared with “official procedures” giving a very good correlation. Our specialized technical staff is continuosly involved in new tests development and software improving in order to match the customers needs and give real analytical solutions.

BPC Biosed: your assistant in Wine Analysis.