Our vision

BPC BioSed is a “Global” supplier of products and services for laboratory analysis in the clinical chemistry field

  • We offer a wide range of excellent quality products and services that maintain their reliability over the years
  • we can play an active role in international markets, in a highly specialized and competitive sector, alongside prestigious companies

Our mission

The essence of our engagement is summarised by our slogan “Give More”

  • Working for the customer

we must remain competitive within the market, observe and respond to our customers needs and translate this into timely offers, delivering technological innovation and investments.The satisfaction of our customers is the measure of our success

  • Professional management of our work

BPC BioSed operates in a highly technical field and has the obligation to propose in a short time reliable equipments and services. The competitiveness of the BPC Biosed is tied to the organization and professionalism of its employees, each with his competencies and responsibilities.

  • Run faster

in the field of clinical analysis we pay attention to changes in the regulations, to the continuous technological progress, to the different needs of our customers. The ability to provide prompt and timely responses is essential.

Our success requires the sum of all our efforts