Our Factory

Company - StabilimentoInstruments Division and Diagnostic Division 

A few kms from Rome the old river "Tevere", flowing benevolently between the two factories of BPC Biosed srl, joins in an embrace its two productive cores. Established in 1986 as importation company of scientific instruments, BPC BioSed in 1991 designs, builds and launches on the market its own first automatic analyzer conceived for the medium size laboratory: the ELECTA 216.

Since then BPC has continuosly developed and sold (also on OEM basis) many automatic analyzers. The Keylab, evolution of Kuadro,  has been the first small random access analyzer with flow cell technology. Follows the powerful family of the GLOBAL 300/600 and 400/700 up to the versatile GLOBAL 240/720 and the newest 4500/7500 DR. Our research and development team is continuously engaged to research the excellence in terms of electronic-mechanical and software performances, everything enriched by a design Made in Italy

Our experience over twenty years in various areas as clinical analisys, wine analisys and industrial analisys has allowed us over the years to be considered a valid subject in the field of analysis and a valuable patner for the operators of the sector.

Today, through the strengthening of the Diagnostics Division, the acquisition of a new plant dedicated to the production of reagents, the engagement of new highly qualified people, we can do part of the list of Leaders in the sector, as one of the few companies directly involved both in the instrumental and Chemical production.

The attention paid to the selection of raw materials, the accuracy in the quality control process, the study of packaging best fitted to the various needs of the laboratory, enables us to supply either the large laboratories as well the small ones, in the Human and veterinary field as well the very peculiar ones of  diagnostics Oenological. The Company, certified since 1997 ISO 9001-2004 and ISO 13486, some years ago obtained FDA approval for the analysis of Drugs of Abuse (DOA) for its GLOBAL 240/720 analyzer.