Keylab Vet

Keylab Vet

Keylab Vet - Great solution, small dimension
Is a Random Access analyzer conceived to fill the gap existing between the semi automatic analyzers and the fully automatic instruments. Patner Indispensable of veterinary doctor, Keylab is the natural substitute of dry chemistry instruments. Provides maximum operational flexibility by providing accurate and reliable results with much convenient cost; is the faithful friend of veterinary. All in one benchtop analyzer of reduced dimension, with built-in CPU and color LCD with touch screen. Throughput up to 120 tests/hour, tray for loading of 80 samples and refrigerated compartment for storage of 20 reagents. A USB port allows to update the software and saving files on removable memory unit. A built-in printer and a serial port RS232 for the connection to a data management system complete the profile. Last but not least, the analyzer has low water consumption and low maintenance cost.

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     Technical Specifications:

System: Discrete, true Random Access chemistry analyzer; open system lockable
Test throughput: Up to 120 test/hr photometric
Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, urine
Sample input Priority STAT sampling
Sample Volume 2-100 uL 
Sample Tray 80 Micro sample cups from 750 uL, 10 cups reserved to standards and controls
Sample dilution Pathological samples can be diluted and repeated
Photometer 6 wavelengths from 340 nm to 620 nm, additional position for optional filter, 10W pre-aligned long life halogen lamp, monochromatic and bichromatic measurement, flow cell with optical phase from 1cm thermostated at 37°C
Calculation Type End point, Kinetic, Initial rate, Bichromatic, Differential, Serum blank
Reagents 20 onboard refrigerated positions of prepackaged reagent vials
Reagent Volume Up to 3 reagents for a total volume between 350 and 1000 uL
Reaction Cell 216 reaction wells
Control Unit Embedded computer, 6.4" color touch screen LCD, Windows system
Internal printer Thermal printer 50 columns 
System Interfaces RS 232 serial interface uni-directional; USB for data loading and backup
Connectivity External LCD monitor, external keyboard, external mouse, external printer
Electrical requirements Line voltage 115/240 V AC;Line frequency 50/60 Hz;Power consumption 350W  
Physical dimension Width: 580 mm; Depth: 600 mm; Height: 730 mm; Weight: 40 Kg
Water Consumption Up to 2 liters/day 
Certification Compliant with CEI EN61010-2-101