Veterinary Division

BPC Biosed SrL is active in Veterinary Field since 1990 with the first dedicated automatic analyzer Kuadro, followed by its evolution, Keylab, “all in one”, compact, Flow Cell , random access.

Thanks to its reliability and its intuitive software it obtained a great success in the Vet field allowing also the small realities to automate and optimize the Clinical routine. The continuous care taken for the customers needs, some years ago pushed BPC to realize a more automatic system, while keeping intact the peculiarity of the operative simplicity and compactness of Keylab.

The new Global 240/720, offers to bigger Labs the automation and the throughput needed ( 240 test per hour/ 720 with ISE module for Sodium, Potassium, Chlorides and Litium potentiometric analysis) . The system, as the whole Global Family, is Direct Reading and is equipped with an automatic Washing system. The built in REMOTE CONTROL allows Laboratories to be “always linked” with our After Sales Service for a specialized assistance on technical problems and/or chemical troubles.

BPC manufactures directly the Diagnostics, studied and adapted to the Vet, and supplies them in a convenient and suitable packaging, in liquid stable form, ready to use. Our experience and the continuous support to our customers and dealers, all over the world, makes the difference.


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