General Sale's Terms


BPC BioSed srl accepts orders only by e-mail or by fax. Such orders shall be confirmed by the customer by returning the related Order Confirmation, issued by BPC BioSed once the order is accepted, by fax duly signed and stamped. Modifications to the orders issued are possible only within 24 hours from the date of issue of the order.



Prices indicated in such a price list are valid only and exclusively for orders with an amount no lower than 500,00 Euro. Prices indicated in such a price list are intended Ex Works and reserved only for dealers. BPC BioSed srl reserves the right to apply variations to such prices according to changed conditions of currency exchange rates or of the market without any prior notice obligation.



Shipment terms are always intended Ex Works. Eventual different shipment terms, such as C&F or FOB or others, shall be agreed in written form with the dealer and however will be always at charge of the buyer.



BPC BioSed Srl reserves the right to perform partial shipments according to the availability of the goods at BPC’s warehouse.



Payment shall be performed according to the payment terms indicated on the Order Confirmation or Invoice. In case of delay in payment interests for delayed payment will be applied to the extent of the interest rate established by Italian Laws.



Eventual claims shall be issued by the buyer in written form only and however within 14 days from goods receipt. Along with the claim in written form shall be attached the copy of the accompanying shipment documents. In case BPC BioSed accepts the claim issued, a RMA number will be issued by BPC and communicated to the buyer to authorize the return of the goods. The buyer shall therefore return the goods claimed to be defective at his own expenses within 20 days from the receipt of RMA number. After such a period BPC will consider closed the claim and the buyer will be obliged to settle the invoice related to the goods object of such a claim.



In case of any legal dispute which may arise the only competent court is considered the Court of Rome and the only applicable laws are considered the laws of Italy.