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Square kenza The New KENZA MAX BioChemisTry Analyser is a complete work-station for routine biochemistry analysis.


The instrument has a 9-position built-in incubator and an automatic flow cell (18 µl), very useful

for medium work-load.Thanks to the flow-cell storage hole, it is easy and quick to arrange reading

through disposable cuvettes.

KENZA MAX BioChemisTry is an open system, which allows programmation of 120 methodologies through

a friendly interface. The instrument can store calibration factors and reagent-blank values.

It can store 30 QC values (on 2 levels for 30 analysis), with calculation of means, standard deviations,

C.V.'s, and printing of Levey-Jennings diagrams.

Its built-in graphic printer allows the printing of different formats: with headlines, reference values,

settings of parameters,... , Instrument can print the reaction plots (for kinetic methods) or calibration

plots (for multistandard methods) as well. Printing report by ID No and name of the patient (needs a PC

standard keyboard not supplied).


Square kenza  Technical Specifications:


Flow cell: 18 µl

Minimum volume per test: 500 µl (flow cell: 350 µl)

Wavelength: 8 interferential filter positions: 340, 380, 405, 505, 546, 578 and 630 nm,

+ 1 free position

Measuring range: From -200 to +2500 mAbs

Photometric accuracy: CV < 1% to 2000 mAbs

Photometric linearity: ± 1%

Reproductibility: ± 1% from 0 to 2000 mAbs

Incubator: 9 positions, from 20 to 40°C

Printer: 24 columns build-in graphic printer

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, or 110 V, 60 Hz

Net dimension: 35 cm X 34 cm X 24 cm

Gross dimension: 47,5 cm X 45 cm X 45 cm

Net weight: 7 kg

Gross weight: 10 kg