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Are the tests working against a factor to be calibrated?

Yes, all the tests are to be calibrate4d before use. The kinetic tests, like ast.., can work against a calibrator ( in this case the analyzer will calculate an "experimental" factor, based on the effective reaction's o.d.) or against a "theoretical" factor. In this case you have to put in the "cal value" box "0" and in the "factor value" the number indicated in the applicative method, based on different parameters like total volume, sample volume, optical path and millimolar extinction coefficient. The analyzer will perform only a "blank" update and will utilize the imposed factor.

How can i understand when it’s necessary to change a reagent?

Normally, running a control ( low and high) is possible check the reliability of a reagent. Anyway, as the control material is chemically treated, to increase its stability, it can have a little different behaviour in respect of serum sample. We suggest to verify the stability of blank o.d. and the calibrator factor. If they change more than 10-15% between different calibrations, discard the reagent and use a fresh one. This is an ndication of a decreased enzymatic activity and you can have wrong results, mainly in the pathological range.

How important is the reagent blank?

Reagent blank is used in order to cancel out or zero the absorbance of all the other components in the sample except the component whose absorbance is to be measured. Very often, the OD is a good indicator of the state of the reagent and alerts the operator when is time to replace

How to realize the remote control of the instruments

Remote control is applied to all instruments that use an external computer. The computer of the instrument must be connected to Internet and have installed a program that allows the connection between two computers. For further clarification please contact the technical support

To whom is reserved the hardware key for locking methods?

It's a device reserved to the specialist or technician who take care of the end user

Who should I contact for information on the analyzers

write an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   and many thanks for your interest on BPC Biosed products.