Global 240/720 

Global 240-720

Global 240/720

Is a fully automatic random access analyzer with attractive design. Ideal for small and medium-sized laboratories, attentive to the productivity and savings, without however giving up a higher quality standard. The Global 240 has a throughput of 240 tests / hour regardless the number of reagents used for each test whilst the version 720 with ISE, executes 720 tests / hour. A refrigeration system for reagents, an automatic washing station for reuse of cuvettes and the automatic identification of samples and reagents are just some of characteristics of the analyzer. Operation can be controlled remotely via the Internet. In fact, a specialist can be in touch with the Global to verify the operating of the instrument. Possible applicative problems due to incorrect parameters, chemical problems, operator errors or malfunction of the analyzer, may be fixed. Such opportunity, reduces significantly the number of technical interventions, with significant reduction of costs of management. Low water consumption, reduced amount of consumables and low maintenance costs complete the profile.

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     Technical Specifications:

System: Discrete True Random Access chemistry analyzer; open system lockable
Test throughput: 240 test/hr photometric; 720 tests/hr with ISE (Global 720)
ISE (Optional): Li+, Na+, K+, Cl-
Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, urine
Sample input: Continuous loading of samples with priority assignment (STAT sample)
Sample Identification: Automatic identification of primary sample tubes (optional)
Sample Volume: 2-100 uL 
Sample Tray: 40 positions for secondary cups of 2 mL or primary tubes 12-13x75-100; 10 positions for calibrators and controls
Sample dilution: 5-100 times
Photometer 9 wavelengths 340 nm to 700 nm, 20 W/6V pre-aligned long life halogen lamp
ReactionType End point, Kinetic, Initial rate, Bichromatic, Differential, Serum blank, turbidimetric
Reagents onboard 30 mono reagent or dual-reagent in packs ready for use;
60 positions for single liquid reagent
Reagents Identification Automatic identification of reagent vials (optional)
Cooling system Reagent cooling system operating 24 hours a day
Reagent Volume 180 - 380 uL
Level detector Sampler needle equipped with level sensor
Reaction Cell 50 optical cuvettes (path 6 mm) reusable
Washing system Automatic washing station
CPU External computer with standard features and N.1 serial port
Operative system
Windows XP, W7, Vista, W8
Control Unit 17"-19" color touch screen LCD
External printer Any printer with A4 paper
System Interfaces RS 232 serial interface bi-directional
Remote control: Remote control via the Internet
Electrical requirements Line voltage 110/240 V AC;Line frequency 50/60 Hz;Power consumption 350 W 
Physical dimension Width: 790 mm; Depth: 580 mm; Height: 540 mm; Weight: 60 Kg
Water Consumption 5 liters/600 tests
Certification compliant with CEI EN61010-2-101